7 ways Meditation Can Ease Anxiety and Improve Your Life

Are you feeling stressed lately?

You aren’t the only one who feels this way. Anxiety is the most prevalent psychological problem, affecting 40 million people in the United States each year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Although you can’t prevent stressful ideas from entering your mind, you can work on the way you react to them. In fact, one of the most effective methods to conquer anxiety is to add meditation for anxiety into your daily routine.

Studies show that daily meditation not only reduces the impact of how stress makes us feel, it also improves the way our body responds internally to the stress. So you can not only feel better but you can limit the damage that your stress or anxiety impacts your health. We asked our team here to weigh in on what they feel are the benefits they’ve experienced from meditation for anxiety and here is what they shared.

Embrace the Calm

“Sometimes I feel like there is no way to quiet my busy mind. For me meditation is a game-changer. I started using a meditation app and I have quickly learned to treasure those valuable little moments of quiet I take just for myself.”

Meditation can be used anywhere at anytime

“I am a busy Mom and I work too so there is never enough time in the day it seems. It wouldn’t be easy for me to carve out an hour for a therapy session on a day when I am experiencing anxiety. But since I started meditating as a part of my daily routine I not only feel anxiety less often but I also have a tool for combating it when it pops up. “

Bonding as a family

“No matter the ages of your kids, raising them is a lot of work. We all experience anxiety on some level in life, even children experience moments of stress during their day. I work hard to teach my kids good habits and good self-care is part of that. I have incorporated meditation tracks into our drive time listening and it has been so good, my ten year old loves it!”

Improved Sleep

“I was a little skeptical, having never tried meditating I didn’t really know how. But I kept trying and now I can fully say I am a believer. I sleep so much better and feel so much more rested in the morning. Meditating as part of my bedtime routine has helped me unwind and prepare to rest.”

Found my inner strength

You’ve probably experienced how difficult it is to maintain your composure when you hear bad news or face a particularly challenging situation. Fortunately, regular meditation can help you develop the inner strength you’ll need to continue moving forward when things get tough. “My daily meditation practice is probably the most powerful tool I had in getting through the stress of the pandemic”

Heal yourself mentally and emotionally

Sometimes just acknowledging your anxiety or your negative emotion when it comes up can help you recover faster. Recognizing the feelings as transient can help you feel in control when you have no control over the circumstances creating the emotion or anxiety. “I have been meditating regularly for about ten years and it really has changed every aspect of my life. I feel more in control of things and I have better responses to problems and am mentally and emotionally healthier than ever before”

Achieve inner bliss

It is important to stop and count your blessings daily and especially when things are challenging. “Last year I heard about a Gratitude Meditation and decided to give it a try. After the pandemic I needed that focus more than I could have imagined. I joined in an online group for the meditation and after the previous year and the isolation we all experienced, to see everyone take ten minutes out of their day to come together with a spirit of gratitude was magical”

Meditation is an amazing way to feel more centered and grounded. Studies show that as little as nine minutes a day of mindfulness improves cognitive function and emotional well being. Combine your new meditation routine with quality supplements designed to calm and restore your mind and body for a whole system restoration plan. Learn how CBD gummies can help too.