CBD Oil, Lotion and Skincare: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard of CBD, a popular compound in the wellness industry, before. It’s being utilized to treat a variety of health concerns, including sleeplessness, worry, and brain disorders. CBD oil has also become a buzzword in the skincare sector, and it’s no surprise. As a result, CBD oil lotion is appearing in the list of ingredients for all sorts of skincare goods, including serums and moisturizers to lip balms and bath bombs.

If you’re considering getting on the CBD train but don’t know what it is or how it benefits your skin, here’s everything you need to know about CBD in skincare before you start your trip.




What is CBD?

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical component from the Cannabis Sativa plant that is commonly known as marijuana or hemp. The Cannabis Sativa plant contains about 80 to 100 cannabinoids, which are known as cannabinoid chemicals. CBD is one of two plentiful components present in the Cannabis plant, second only to THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

You might be wondering; how does CBD oil, lotion, and other skincare products help your skin?

Hemp Vs. Marijuana

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Due to the categorization, composition, and origin from the Cannabis Sativa plant, there is confusion surrounding hemp and marijuana-derived CBD. To make it easier to understand, we are breaking it down for you.

Hemp and marijuana are both Cannabis species, and both contain CBD and THC. The Hemp plant has low amounts of THC and high levels of CBD, whereas the marijuana plant has high levels of THC and little CBD. THC is a psychoactive chemical that has been shown to cause intoxication.

Cannabis plants can have a THC content of more than 30%, while hemp plants generally contain less than .3 percent. Because hemp contains such low amounts of THC, it is non-psychoactive, so you won’t get high from using CBD products. CBD has distinct effects from those of marijuana, due on to the fact that it is a cannabinoid. CBD’s effects are positive for mood and sleep quality improvement, anxiety reduction, and PMS discomfort alleviation in women.

Types of CBD Oil, Lotion and Skincare

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The number of CBD products on the market is growing as interest in CBD goods rises. However, knowing the many types of CBD available and selecting the right one is critical. CBD is a complex chemical that comes in a variety of strengths and forms. Here are three distinct types of CBD to consider:

  • Full Spectrum CBD – The full spectrum CBD in your CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant’s natural cannabinoids. Cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids (responsible for flavor and scent), and other molecules found in hemp plants include CBD and other cannabinoids that are also part of its make-up, such as CBN or CBG, as well as terpenes and flavonoids. The highest concentration of cannabinoids found in hemp oil occurs at around 10% THC with a minimum level of .3%.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD – The whole plant advantages of CBD minus the THC are available in broad spectrum CBD. It includes terpenes and flavonoids as well as non-detectable traces of THC. The oil is then subjected to a second procedure of distillation, which removes any traces of THC from it.
  • CBD Isolate – CBD isolate is made from pure CBD, with no additional compounds. All the other cannabinoids are removed from this form of CBD, leaving only pure CBD devoid of antioxidant chemicals such as terpenes and flavonoids present in full and broad spectrum CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) extracts are very low in THC and have no taste or fragrance. They’re also colorless and odorless.

Benefits of CBD Oil, Lotion and Skincare

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If you’re still unsure whether to include CBD in your skincare regimen, here are some reasons why CBD skin care products should be a mainstay in your skincare routine:

  • Fights Signs of Aging – Cannabidiol (CBD) is high in antioxidants. As we all know, the major reason for signs of aging is exposure to harmful external factors, such as free radicals, UV radiation, and other pollutants in the environment. Antioxidants help to build the skin’s outer protective barrier and protect it from oxidative stress. To put it another way, topical application of antioxidant-rich CBD skincare products can assist to minimize and prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.
  • Helps Oily and Acne-prone Skin – CBD skincare products have the ability to lower and regulate sebum, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands. Excess oil can breed bacteria and cause the accumulation of dirt, make-up, and other pollutants in your pores. Excess sebum and dead skin cells, among other things, can all cause blackheads and pimples. CBD’s oil-regulating effects might assist prevent acne breakouts. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help to alleviate acne, as well as the redness, soreness, and irritation that it causes. CBD products have relaxing and soothing effects, making reactive and acne-prone skin look healthier.
  • Soothes Skin Inflammation – CBD’s natural anti-anxiety and relaxing qualities can aid those who have sensitive skin. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that has been shown in studies to be more powerful than aspirin and ibuprofen at reducing inflammation, itching, and redness in certain inflammatory skin diseases like eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, and psoriasis.
  • Moisturizes and Hydrates the Skin – Another benefit of incorporating CBD skincare products into your skincare routine is their ability to deeply hydrate and moisturize the skin. It also maintains the skin’s outer layer, which prevents cell damage and moisture loss from the skin. CBD is beneficial for people with sensitive, dry, and itchy skin. This property makes CBD lotions and oils an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive, dry, or irritated skin.

Where Can I Get the Best CBD CBD Oil, Lotion and Skincare Products?

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We understand how difficult it may be to choose the correct CBD skincare products when there are so many alternatives to select from. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints to assist you while shopping for CBD skincare:

  1. Look for the CBD ingredient listed as cannabidiol, cannabidiol, or hemp extract on the label of CBD products.
  2. Hemp Seed Oil or Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil isn’t the same as CBD oil.
  3. Look for items with a THC concentration of less than 0.3 percent.
  4. Check to see whether the items are certified and tested by a third-party facility to verify their purity and quantity of CBD.
  5. Check to see how much CBD is in the goods. The amount of CBD per usage is listed differently by various manufacturers, but it’s generally expressed in milligrams.
  6. Finding a reputable brand with positive ratings and reviews is another crucial step since many firms falsify their products and do not live up to their promises.
  7. Last but not least, keep it simple. Choosing a product with stable packaging is a good idea. Avoid products that come in light-exposing packaging, since this will diminish the effectiveness of the substance.

What's the Best Way to Use Your CBD Oil, Lotion and Skincare Products?

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The specifics of your CBD skincare regimen are determined by the kind of product you’re using. Like other skincare goods, Tatcha layers its products from thinnest to thickest textures.When you use a CBD essence, serum, moisturizer, cleanser, oil, face mask, or any other product in the same sequence as your normal skincare items, it’s best to follow the same order. All you have to do now is follow the directions on the label and you’re done.

You may also use CBD for more than just pain relief. You don’t have to use too much CBD products, either. Less is more when it comes to CBD products. So, rather of purchasing all of your skincare items with CBD, focus on one or two higher-quality items instead. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to start with lower doses and see how your skin responds to CBD before increasing.

Risks and Side Effects of CBD Oil, Lotion and Skincare

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Your skin may occasionally react negatively to CBD or other cannabinoids in CBD products. As a result, it’s best to do a patch test and start with low-CBD items. The FDA also warns against the use of all types of CBD products, including topical treatments, food, and supplements, during pregnancy and nursing.

The Bottom Line of CBD Oil, Lotion and Skincare

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There are plenty of CBD products available, ranging from wellness items to chocolates, candles, coffee, and skincare goods. CBD oil’s natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties make it a perfect choice for skincare enthusiasts. CBD oil, lotions, creams, and serums are now readily accessible in many areas of the world and can be purchased at beauty stores. The CBD market is exploding, and the CBD craze isn’t going to end anytime soon.

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