CBD Topicals and Their Role in the Beauty Industry

The amount of creams and lotions that claim to “stop the aging process” or “make you look ten years younger” without any proof is ridiculous, if you ask us. These face and body topicals are often made with a long list of ingredients and chemicals that do not help your skin. However, many of those products don’t follow through with all of the promises that they made. CBD (cannabidiol) creams could be lumped in with the other moisturizers, but we are here to tell you why they shouldn’t be! What are CBD topicals? Do they work? This article will answer these questions along with many more. Continue to read how a change in your skin care routine could be beneficial.

Some things to know about CBD topicals

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It is important to start with the bare minimum information, so, what is CBD? CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. There are a couple of different versions of cannabis plants that you can find. Two important types are the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. These two plants are part of the same family but are slightly different. 

In 2018, the Farm Bill federally legalized hemp. This bill allows farmers across the country to grow and sell the hemp plant. This is because it has a low percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is one of the many cannabinoids that you can find in cannabis plants. THC is the compound that people are most familiar with as it gives those who use it a ‘high’ or euphoric feeling. The hemp plant has at or less than 0.3% of THC and that is why it is federally legal. 

Unlike hemp, marijuana has yet to be legalized federally. The variation is legal in a handful of states for recreational as well as medicinal purposes. This is important to keep in mind as you move forward with your CBD journey.

What is so great about CBD topicals?

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There is so much information out there regarding skin health. What is the deal with CBD topicals? What kind of benefits do they offer? CBD topicals come in a number of different forms. There are creams, lotions, ointments, salves, foams, gels, and more that are available. CBD topicals differ from their counterparts as they typically do not reach the bloodstream. The CBD found in the topicals has no way to reach the bloodstream, but it is able to absorb in through the pores. Like most topicals, CBD topicals are best used liberally and often to see the potential benefits they may have. You must be thinking, so, where is the proof that we’ve been talking about? 

One piece of evidence appears in this study. They had them apply a CBD topical to their affected areas twice daily for three months. They conducted three different tests to ensure that their results were applicable: a hydration test, an elasticity test, and a TEWL (transdermal water loss). The researchers also had the participants fill out a questionnaire. At the end of the study, they concluded that THC–free CBD significantly improved the skin conditions of the people. There were no allergic reactions with the topical application. To help support the conclusion they also included photographic evidence. With this study we can see how CBD topicals improved the skin health of those with skin conditions, imagine the benefits those who do not have skin conditions could see! Everyone wants to keep their skin looking vibrant and healthy. This may mean that CBD could be the perfect choice for you. Or maybe you will choose CBD for a totally different reason. 

What CBD topicals are there?

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What CBD topicals are there? Let’s go over that. Here is a list of the topical products that you can find:

CBD salve

This product is formulated to possibly help relieve a variety of discomfort. They tend to include soothing ingredients that may help boost CBD’s natural soothing properties. Salves are thicker than other CBD topicals. This product is formulated to possibly help relieve a variety of discomfort. They tend to include soothing ingredients that may help boost CBD’s natural soothing properties. Salves are thicker than other CBD topicals.

CBD hand sanitizer

Yes, you read that right. There is hand sanitizer that has CBD in it, but why? There has been some research to suggest that CBD may have anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, the CBD hand sanitizer was born. Instead of using a hand sanitizer with unknown chemicals, you can gear toward a more holistic way of cleaning.

CBD face cream

This is like any other face cream, but with an important difference. It has CBD. Based on the study discussed above, it’s not hard to see why someone would want to use a CBD face cream.

cbd hand sanitizer

“One of the more important things to know about CBD is how versatile it is!”

Other reasons to use CBD

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One of the more important things to know about CBD is how versatile it is! Skincare isn’t the only reason why people love using CBD. What other reasons is CBD being used?

Promotes a sense of calm

Promoting a sense of calm in those who have feelings of anxiousness may be quite helpful to some. This study used brain imaging to see how CBD affect people with generalized social anxiety disorder. Those who were given the CBD showed a decrease in their social anxiety disorder via brain scans. Those who did not receive the CBD did not have any decrease.

Help with inflammation

This is one of the most popular uses for CBD. It is also one of the most popular areas of study related to CBD. Studies, like this one and this one, have found that CBD may have incredible anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it may be able to help with a number of different issues. CBD may be able to provide relief to an incredible number of people.

FDA approved medications

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There are several FDA approved medications that contain CBD. Epidiolex is the most well-known. This medication is designed to help people with epilepsy. There are also a handful of others that assist those going through anti-cancer treatments and the nausea it may cause. These are called Marinol, Syndros, and Cesamet.

These are just some of the reason’s folks choose to use CBD. This all-natural substance is just emerging in the health and wellness field, and we think it will only continue in popularity.