How Long For CBD Lotion To Work: Is It The Right Product To Help Manage Your Joint Pain?

Before we answer how long for CBD to work, we should cover a few things. According to the CDC, over 50 million Americans suffer from joint pain. From diseases like arthritis to accidents and everything in between, joint discomfort can be attributed to hundreds of external, genetic, and physiological causes. Sometimes, your OTC pain relievers simply aren’t enough to alleviate the discomfort and allow you to get out of bed. That’s where CBD lotion comes in. 

Hemp is one of the best sources for cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has become increasingly popular in recent years. CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a natural pain reliever and can also be produced into lotions, oils, tinctures, edibles, and more.

What exactly is CBD, how long for CBD lotion to work, and how does it help with joint pain? Don’t worry, we’ll clear everything up in this brief guide.

You’ll learn how the cream works, how long for CBD lotion to work, other CBD topicals, and why it’s safe to use and preferred by millions of Americans. What are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn more!




Why CBD Lotion?

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Why would you opt for CBD cream rather than pills, tinctures, and other CBD items when they’re all available? For one thing, CBD cream is intended to target localized pain and discomfort, such as that caused by arthritis. Because often, the tissue beneath the skin is where inflammation is occurring. The quickest way to get to those tissues or cartilage is via the skin because frequently, inflammation targets the surface layer of tissue.

CBD oil must go through your digestive system if you consume a CBD pill. This might take several hours, especially if you’ve just eaten. While the effects will last longer, CBD will be more dispersed throughout the blood stream, resulting in a lower degree of pain relief.

CBD cream is a form of topical therapy that involves applying a thick layer of CBD oil to the skin. The CBD passes through the subcutaneous layer via blood vessels and interacts with the afflicted area directly.

How Does CBD Lotion Work?

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What is CBD and how does it work? CBD is a cannabinoid, which are natural chemicals found in Cannabis. Cannabis contains over a hundred cannabinoids, and our bodies make their own endocannabinoids. The human nervous system was designed to respond to cannabinoids, with CB1 and CB2 receptors for that purpose.

Surprisingly, CBD doesn’t act on its own cannabinoid receptors in the same manner as THC. Researchers are still unsure how CBD interacts with the nervous system, but it’s clear that it’s a powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

When various proteins inside immune cells are activated, they cause vasodilation and enhanced blood flow to the afflicted region. This is why inflammation causes edema, discomfort, and redness. It’s a defensive reaction that’s nonetheless painful.

CBD is believed to help modulate the immune response, which can assist to decrease inflammation and pain. CBD, like THC, is a powerful vasodilator. As a result, it won’t hinder the afflicted area’s essential blood flow; rather, it will just reduce the inflammation and control the body’s pain response.

How long for CBD lotion to work?

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If you want to know how long for CBD lotion to work, it’s best to try it yourself! The speed with which your CBD cream works depends on a number of factors. The amount you consume, your body’s individual response, and how often you utilize your CBD all influence how quickly you begin to feel aid.

If you use CBD on a daily basis, you should notice effects within an hour after applying your CBD cream. Some users experience immediate relief, while others do not. Again, if you want to know how long for CBD lotion to work, it’s best to try it yourself and test multiple products.

What Makes Good CBD Cream?

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The quality of your CBD cream has a significant influence on how effectively and rapidly it works. Low-quality creams will not provide the same benefits and will take longer to work (if they work at all). CBD cream is made from high-quality CBD (which is generally extracted from organic hemp) and is lab-tested to ensure quality and strength.

A brand that is upfront about its procedures is more likely to provide higher-quality goods. Consider this: Would you trust someone who didn’t explain how their items are manufactured or didn’t give information on components? Of course not, because it would seem like they were hiding something.

Choose a company that is clear, honest, and open about where their hemp is grown, how it is extracted, and where their goods are sent for laboratory testing.

Is CBD Legal? 

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Is CBD legal? Yes, as long as you’re purchasing broad-spectrum items. These include a wide range of cannabinoids but no THC, which is prohibited at the federal level.

THC is found in full-spectrum products, oils, and edibles as well. Make sure you’re buying something that does not contain THC by checking the labels on your cannabis products. Hemp and CBD are now legal at the federal level, according to 2018 legislation. This is wonderful news for a plant that has been subjected to nearly 50 years of needless persecution. Hemp has such a low THC concentration that it doesn’t even induce a “high.”

Although many states have legalized the cousin of hemp, THC, which contains delta-8 THC, it does not mean that it is legal at the federal level. Many individuals utilize CBD because it provides similar effects to its counterpart without the same degree of impairment. Continue reading to learn how long it takes for CBD to work.

Is CBD Safe for You?

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Another concern that frequently comes up is whether or not CBD oil is safe. To date, the research has shown that CBD is completely safe for human consumption. The only undesirable consequences we are aware of are dry mouth, tiredness, constipation, and altered mood and appetite (which are fairly typical side effects of consuming specific meals, to be fair). When you compare them to some prescription painkillers and OTC medicines, these are extremely minor!

You can consume CBD on a daily basis without developing tolerance, organ toxicity, or abuse. CBD, in contrast, has no negative side effects and is easy to take. In fact, taking too much CBD simply causes symptoms such as tiredness and reduced hunger. The bottom line? CBD is one of the safest and most dependable painkillers, inflammation fighters, and general health supplements on the market.


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If you’re considering using CBD cream for your joint pain, it’s a big decision. With a more natural approach to pain and inflammation management, you may eliminate the risks of medicines while regaining control of your health. It is best to start with a high-quality CBD product if you are new to the market.

If you want to know how long for CBD lotion to work, it’s best to try it yourself!  Simply be careful to acquire high-quality creams or oils so that you may get the most out of your CBD! Good luck and enjoy yourself!