How to use CBD creams

CBD has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. As a result, there has been article after article focused on CBD and what it can do. However, very few of these articles cover CBD creams and talk about what good they may be able to do. This lack of information makes it difficult for those who may be interested in creams to learn more. Well, this article is trying to rectify that. Let’s talk CBD topicals and their advantages.

Let’s go over CBD

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It’s always good to start with the basics; in this case, defining CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis plants (aka hemp and marijuana). It is one of many other similar compounds that are called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids can have a number of reactions with the human body because of a serious of receptors we have called the Endocannabinoid System. The most famous cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), because of the reaction it creates. This is the reaction that is most commonly associated with cannabis and, as a result, CBD. However, CBD and THC are very different compounds. CBD doesn’t cause any sort of high. It may create a sense of calm, but that appears to be the only effect it has on one’s mental state.

Another difference between CBD and THC is that most CBD products are now federally legal, where THC is still subject to individual state laws. The latest version of the Farm Bill was passed in late 2018, which was a big deal for CBD manufacturers. This bill included a section legalizing industrial hemp across the country. It defines hemp as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC. This law change was such a big deal for CBD manufacturers because most CBD products are made using hemp instead of marijuana.

This has led to CBD producers creating all kinds of CBD products, from basic CBD oils to crazy edibles to lotions and creams. While oils and edibles get a lot of attention, it feels like creams don’t get talked about too much. This often leaves people with the question, why would anyone use a CBD cream at all?

Why use CBD creams?

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Many people struggle with things skin problems like acne and redness. Many others have to deal with the pain and stiffness that comes with inflammatory conditions. As CBD becomes more popular the research on what it can do increases. Among these are studies on how CBD may be able to improve the daily lives of those who fight acne or inflammation.

All of us have dealt with acne at some point, whether it was in our teen years or didn’t really start until adulthood. It can be so frustrating. But recent research suggests that CBD may be able to improve your skin health. One study tested a cream made with hemp extract on people’s cheeks to see what it did to the redness and inflammation that comes along with acne. This study found that the cream was safe to use at the right level of dosage (more than 3% extract) it was able to reduce the redness on the test subjects’ cheeks and their sebum production.

Inflammation is a common issue for a lot of people. It is a common cause and/or symptom of a number of different conditions. It can cause swelling, redness, and pain. Recent studies suggest that CBD may be able to increase the quality of life of those who struggle with inflammation. One of these studies, conducted in 2012, looked at how CBD interacted with mice who had spinal inflammation. The researchers concluded that the CBD was greatly able to help reduce the inflammation to allow the mice more comfort and movement.

One of the benefits of using a cream over another CBD product is that it is localized. You are more likely to get a focused effect than you would with something like a capsule. Other products allow the CBD to enter the bloodstream. This causes an overall effect as the CBD is carted from one part of the body to another. CBD creams are more likely to provide a localized effect because the CBD enters through the pores and can’t move much beyond where they are placed. If you are really struggling with something that is focused in one area of your body and cream may be the best option for you.

Of course, you don’t even need the excuse of acne and inflammation. Many people like using CBD creams as a moisturizer. They do it just for the potential boost it can add to their day. Most CBD creams are made using carriers like coconut oil and shea butter, so it leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

A guide on how to use CBD creams

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Using CBD creams is easy. You just use it like any other cream. Use the cream wherever it is most needed. It may take a little while to for you to start to feel any effects. It tends to be different for each person.

If you’re not sure how much CBD cream to start with, here is a tip: start small. It is smart to start with a small amount of a (preferably low content) CBD cream and see how you react to it. There are no serious side effects associated with CBD. While it is unlikely with CBD creams, as the CBD doesn’t hit the blood stream, you can experience some side effects if you use too much. As mentioned before, everyone will react to CBD differently, some may require more or less than others. So, you may have to experiment to find how much works best for you.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before you start using any CBD products. Some medication may not react well with the cannabinoid. It may change or cancel out the effects of the medication.

Though creams are not nearly as popular as other CBD products, they still may provide some real benefits for people. So, why not give some a try today?