What is Organic CBD?

One must think that natural cannabidiol (CBD) and organic CBD are the same. In truth, organic CBD is a lot different than natural CBD as it is made of organically grown hemp. Since many new products are available on the CBD and hemp market, consumers usually get confused reading the product labels. Arguably, one of the most common sources of confusion is the simple word “organic.”

Does “organic” has actual benefits to CBD oil and its efficacy, or is it just a buzzword? What exactly does “organic CBD” mean? Are “organic” products better than natural CBD? We have come up with the following guideline to answer these questions. Let’s have a look together!

Natural CBD

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CBD is made of hemp flowers and leaves, so it is called a natural product. It is important to know that some CBD products contain synthetic CBD oil, which is harmful to health. Natural CBD is known for providing several health benefits and minimal adverse effects.

Although synthetic CBD is not used widely, it is important to watch out for it. If the label of a CBD product does not mention the hemp source, it may contain synthetic oil. Also, a product can use natural CBD but be cut with different quantities of synthetic CBD.

Organic CBD

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CBD oil that is sourced from organically grown hemp plants is called organic CBD. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set a range of criteria to be certified organic. It is not as easy as only avoiding pesticides; it must be grown in healthy, clean, and toxins-free soil. Although healthy soil is essential for all plants, it is critical for growing organic hemp as hemp absorbs toxins from soil.

Moreover, growing organic hemp is more costly than non-organic hemp as farmers must use 100% natural fertilizers and more rigorous methods. It is worth spending the money to keep toxins out of hemp as you will be consuming the CBD products made from it.

Types of Organic CBD

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Following are the renowned organic CBD products available on the market today:

Organic CBD Wax 

It contains either full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Organic CBD wax is basically a thick balm that provides instant effects to users. 

Organic CBD Edibles 

These CBD products are candies, chocolates, or baked goods. 

Organic CBD Topical 

It includes lotions, shampoos, soaps, and ointments enhanced with CBD.

Advantages of Using Organic CBD

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Anxiety Disorders 

Mental health problems, including anxiety and depression, have become common these days. The World Health Organization states that globally over 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression, while the Anxiety and Depression Association of America concludes that 40 million adults in the United States have anxiety problems. 

When anxiety and depression are treated with pharmaceutical drugs, people experience side effects like insomnia, drowsiness, and sexual dysfunction. Fortunately, organic CBD may be able to help significantly decrease anxiety and depression without causing any adverse effects. 

Chronic Pain 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that around 20 million Americans suffer from chronic pain conditions that interfere with their daily activities. 

The CDC reviewed the 2016 National Health Interview Survey that includes responses from over 17,000 adults. It was concluded that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from chronic pain. CBD shown promise to be an effective pain reliever. It may reduce chronic pain as well as inflammation significantly. 

Epilepsy and Seizures 

The FDA approved the use of Epidiolex after years of research. Epidiolex is mainly made of the CBD compound, consumed for treating epilepsy and seizures. 

This prescribed drug can be used even for treating the rarest epileptic conditions, including Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Researchers now understand how CBD prevents seizures without causing the sedating side effects. 

Type 1 Diabetes 

When the immune system attacks cells in the pancreas, leading to inflammation – this condition is called Type 1 Diabetes. A study was conducted in 2016 to determine the effects of CBD, and it was concluded that the CBD may reduce inflammation and delays the onset of type 1 diabetes. 

Another study shows that the CBD may have neuroprotective effects on rats with diabetes, including reducing nerve inflammation and preserving their memory. 


Another benefit of organic CBD use is it treats skin problems, like acne. It is caused mainly due to inflammation and overworked sebaceous glands in the body. In a 2014 study, it was found that CBD prevented the production of sebum that causes acne, partly due to its anti-inflammatory effects. According to research, applying CBD topically may reduce inflammation in psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions. 

Many skin care manufacturers now add the CBD in skin ointments and creams; however, more evidence is required for its effectiveness.

Risks and Side Effects

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Just like most therapies, the CBD may cause some adverse effects when combined with supplements or other drugs. Anyone who wants to use the CBD must first speak to a doctor. The potential side effects of CBD are:

  • Fatigue that can make driving dangerous 
  • Liver damage 
  • Mood changes, including irritation and irritability 
  • Interactions with alcohol and other drugs 
  • Loss of appetite and gastrointestinal issues 
  • Fertility problems in males

Where to Buy CBD?

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