What makes CBD edibles so great?

CBD is a pretty versatile extract, so it is easily made into many different products. However, the one that is the most popular has to be edibles. But why do people love it so much? What is so great about them? Let’s explore some of the reasons.  

To make sure that our bases are covered, let’s go over what CBD edibles are. You can probably guess that a CBD edible is any food or drink that has been made with CBD. These are pretty easily accessible at many stores, pharmacies, and cafes. If you want, you could make your own, that way you don’t have to buy pre-made food.  

One of the main reasons that edibles are so popular is taste. Hemp tends to have a distinct, earthy flavor. Some CBD products still have this taste. For some, this is not a problem, as they enjoy or do not mind the taste. However, for others, it can make a CBD product nearly unbearable. CBD edibles are made to taste like whatever food they are made to be, masking that hemp flavor.

Another reason why people love CBD edibles is based on control. Most edibles are made with the same amount of CBD in every serving. That way you always know exactly how much CBD you’re getting. Other CBD products can be a little bit harder to control. For example, drops are a great way to get CBD directly, but it is easy to accidentally get one drop too many with the dropper. The control that edibles can provide you with may also give you some peace of mind.

A third reason why edibles are so popular is that there are many choices. You can find CBD edibles in just about any food or drink you could want. There are CBD pastas and bread. Others make CBD sodas and sparkling water. Then, of course, there are the CBD candies, like gummies or chocolates. Pretty much anyone can find a CBD version of their favorite food. If not, you can add it yourself.  

While all of these are great reasons to love CBD edibles, nothing is perfect. Out of all the CBD products out there, edibles take the longest to start working. This means that you do need to be prepared to wait at least half an hour to see if the CBD is working. However, edibles also are believed to have the longest-lasting effect, so there is a little bit of trade off with this downside.   

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