When To Take CBD Oil for Sleep: Rest and Relaxation 101

Sleep is an important—but frequently neglected—aspect of overall health and well-being. Sleep is as essential for our health as a nutritious diet and regular exercise. However, one in three Americans does not get enough sleep, according to the CDC. Sleep plays an essential role in regulating our metabolism and weight while also strengthening our immune system, preventing cardiovascular diseases, and enhancing cognitive functions such as thinking and concentration, short-term memory retention, attention, and long-term memory recall.

More and more people are ditching melatonin and sleeping pills in favor of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Let’s look at how CBD oil assists you sleep, when to take CBD oil for sleep, and how much to take.



How CBD Oil Works To Improve Sleep

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Although more study is needed to comprehend the working of CBD in reducing mild anxiety, relieving pain, and improving sleeplessness, it appears that the advantages may be linked to interactions between CBD and receptors within the ECS. The ECS is a highly sensitive endocannabinoid system that, among other things, regulates sleep, mood, pain, inflammation, and memory.

Another potential explanation for CBD’s sleep advantages could be linked to cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that controls a wide range of bodily functions, including sleep-wake cycles. Cortisol levels decreased significantly in individuals who took large doses of CBD oil in one study, suggesting that CBD may function as a sedative via its influence on cortisol release.

How and When To Take CBD Oil for Sleep

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The effects of different doses of CBD oil are most likely to be different. While smaller quantities of CBD can function as a stimulant and provide a soothing effect, larger amounts may function as a sedative.

With that in mind, it’s often advised that when using CBD oil to help you sleep, you should start by using CBD oil during the day. This will allow you to assess your body’s individual response to your first dosage and modify as needed before taking it before bed to achieve greatest results.

The most problematic aspect of integrating CBD oil into your daily routine is determining when to take it, since the effects are not immediate. Many people recommend taking CBD an hour before bed to give it time to work its way through the body. CBD tincture is best taken sublingually, which means placing the oil under your tongue and letting it sit for 30 seconds before swallowing.

How Much Should You Take?

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In general, higher doses are required to achieve good sleep, however everyone’s ideal dose is different; too much CBD can be just as ineffective as not enough. The maximum daily dose of CBD for sleep is 200 mg. You may take anywhere from 40 mg to 160 mg, or more, every night. You can gradually increase or decrease your dosage until you discover your optimum zone.

Side Effects of CBD Oil and Safety Considerations

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We’ve observed minor allergies to some terpenes or MCT oil, the carrier oil produced from coconuts, on a few occasions. Trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3 percent) are found in full-spectrum CBD, which contains a wide range of cannabinoids from hemp plants. Because of its psychoactive effects, marijuana can interact with a variety of prescription drugs. It’s always suggested that you talk to your doctor before taking CBD because many CBD oil companies mislabel or falsify their products. Before you buy CBD oil, be sure to research the firm and its quality control measures. Look for items that have:

  • For quality and safety, our food is third-party tested.
  • CBD concentration and THC percentage should be clearly marked.
  • List all of the components.
  • Fillers, chemicals, or byproducts should not be used.
  • Hemp plants should be grown using high-quality, US-grown hemp.
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