Why use CBD creams?

Many people struggle with things skin problems like acne and redness. Some people struggle with intense inflammation. As CBD becomes more popular the research on what it can do increases. Among these are studies on how CBD may be able to improve the daily lives of those who fight acne or inflammation. 

Everyone has gotten acne at some point, and no one likes it. It can be so frustrating. But recent research suggests that CBD may be able to improve your skin health. One study, published in 2015, wanted to see how CBD may affect sebum production and redness associated with acne. This study found that not only was the cream safe to use, but at the right level of dosage (more than 3% extract) it was able to reduce the redness on the test subjects’ cheeks as well as their sebum production.

Inflammation is a common issue for a lot of people. It can lead to all kinds of problems including decreased mobility. Most of the recent research around CBD and inflammation has found that CBD could have some serious anti-inflammatory effects. One of these studies, conducted in 2012, looked at how CBD interacted with mice who had spinal inflammation. They found that CBD helped fight the inflammation by targeting certain receptors associated with the affliction.

There are benefits with CBD creams beyond just the basic health-based ones. CBD creams are better if you are looking for a more localized effect. You are more likely to get a focused effect than you would with something like a capsule. Other products are going to have more of a general effect. This makes CBD creams ideal for those who are struggling with an issue that is mainly focused on one specific part of their body.

Of course, you don’t even need the excuse of acne and inflammation. There are those who just use it as a nice daily moisturizer. Some use it for the potential health boost they may get from the cannabinoid. Most CBD creams are made using carriers like coconut oil and shea butter, so it leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.



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