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Body Cream

Bath & Body

Our Body Cream provides superior moisture—and there’s more. Formulated with a unique combination of ultimate strength CBD and all-organic hemp plants, this fast-acting cream may give calming relief to irritated skin, bruises, sore muscles, and joints.
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Cleansing Paste

Facial Application

Detoxify your skin with our Cleansing Paste. CBN calms redness and promotes the look of brighter skin, while palmaria palmata extract improves blood circulation and neutralizes free radicals. Turn back the clock with this 100% natural paste made entirely from waterless sources.
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Energizing Moisturizer

Facial Application

Minimize signs of fatigue and give your skin an energy boost with our Energizing Barrier Cream. This cream was developed to control inflammation, promote elasticity, and balance moisture. Our unique formula combines CBG with proven emollients for anti-aging results you will see.
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Intelligent Serum

Facial Application

Rediscover your skin’s lustrous glow with Intelligent Serum. Crafted with our exclusive broad-spectrum CBD, this formula is designed to target visible signs of aging. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pores, increase elasticity and improve radiance and texture with this twice-daily treatment.
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Resurfacing Night Butter

Facial Application

Brighten and restore your skin with our clinically proven Resurfacing Night Butter. Exclusive broad-spectrum CBD combined with an encapsulated retinol is designed to work while you sleep. Wake up to balanced moisture, a reduction in redness, and visible results.
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Here at Canis, we are dedicated to providing you with premium CBD goods. We use only the highest-quality CBD extract that you can feel confident about using. We believe in effortless confidence rather than anxious speed. That way, you get the best products possible. Be different, make a difference.
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