Which is the right CBD product for me?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is in many different products and sold by a many different stores these days. If you are interested in using a CBD product, you probably want to know what kind of products you can pick from. This is totally understandable. It is a question you should ask about anything you want to try out. So, let’s answer this question, as well as a few others.

Some CBD basics

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Before we can start on what forms CBD may be able to take, we need to talk about what exactly cannabidiol is.

CBD is found in cannabis plants. It is a member of a group of chemical compounds found in cannabis. There are over 113 of these found in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana.

There are many potential effects that CBD uses could have, several things that it may be able to do for you. But it is good to remember CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. This means that it will not get you high. This is unlike another cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

It is not uncommon for people to get CBD and THC confused. This is likely because they are the most well-known cannabinoids. These two should not be thought of as interchangeable, though. As mentioned above, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. THC on the other hand is psychoactive. It causes the high that most people associate with cannabis plants.

What different kinds of cannabidiol are there?

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This may sound odd, but there are three different types of CBD used in products. The differences between them lay in what other cannabinoids you may find in the extract with them. These three kinds are full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate.

Full spectrum

This is the extract that has the most other cannabinoids. It is the CBD extract as it comes out the hemp. Nothing is done to it to filter out anything. This does mean that full spectrum has THC. That is not something to worry about, because, as talked about above, the THC level in the extract cannot be more than 0.3%. As discussed above, that is not enough to get someone high.

Broad spectrum

Broad spectrum is the most similar out of full spectrum. It has a lot of other cannabinoids and compounds. The main difference is that broad spectrum does not have THC in it. Full spectrum and broad spectrum offer something CBD isolate does not. It is the entourage effect. This is when compounds work together to build up an effect. If you are looking for the entourage effect, but the presence of THC makes you nervous, broad spectrum may be the perfect choice for you.

CBD isolate

You can probably guess what this extract is. It is a cannabidiol extract that is just CBD. All of the other compounds and cannabinoids have been filtered out, leaving only cannabidiol. This means that it may not be as strong as the other extracts. It will, however, be a purer experience without the other cannabinoids and compounds.

Many CBD products come in all of the different kinds of CBD extract. This makes it easy to find the perfect product for you. In fact, let’s talk about those different products.

What is the difference between CBD products?

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There are many reasons why people love CBD. One of the main ones is its versatility. It is easy to mix with many different things, so it can be made into just about any product. Some products are better used in certain situations. Some of these products work faster than others. So, it is good to know what to expect from the products before you start taking it.

One of the most common kind are oral CBD products. These are any kind of CBD product that can be take via the mouth. This includes edibles. They can be any kind of food. People really like these because they are easy to take, taste good and easy to portion. They may take a little while to take effect as the food that is carrying the CBD needs to digest before it can start working.

Different form of oral CBD products includes tablets and soft gels. These are capsules that are taken just like any other pill. The appeal of these is that they are easy to take and include in your daily routine. They may absorb into the system faster than CBD edibles. There are also CBD tablets, which are dissolvable products that you place under your tongue. These enter the bloodstream very quickly.

Another kind of CBD product is CBD oils. They are one of the more common forms of CBD, as they are CBD in a carrier oil, like palm oil. You can take them either by mixing them in with food or drink. You can also place the drops directly into your mouth.

There are also CBD topicals. These are lotions and cremes. The effects of these tend to be localized. They work mainly in the area that they are applied. Oral products are likely to give you a more overall effect. If there is a specific area of your body you’re wanting to help, this could be a good option for you. They may be better for skin health and inflammation than for helping with peace of mind.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of CBD product may be the best choice for you, let’s talk about how much of it you need.

How to find the right amount of CBD

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This is kind of a hard question to answer. This is mainly because there are many different factors to consider. Everyone experiences CBD differently. What may be the perfect amount for some people, may cause unwanted side effects for others?

Let’s talk about what those side effects are for a second. The side effects are all that dangerous. They are, however, rather unpleasant. They tend to include things like fatigue and gastrointestinal upset. In general, the side effects are associated with taking too much CBD. So, figuring out how much you should take is the best way to avoid them.

The best way to figure out how much cannabidiol to take is by testing it. Start by taking a small amount of CBD. If the amount that you try does not bother you, you can start taking more. It will take time. Be patient. This is especially true if you are trying CBD edibles. You will need to wait for the edibles to digest before you can know how it affects you.